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summary of project

This was an intergenerational project which was to involve close work with a local youth work provider (PEEK) encouraging young people to work with older people from the local community over a 1- to 12 week period.

The name 'Tales and Tweets' was chosen to reflect the theme of the project, which was exploring what the participants did in their free time, as young people, designed to enable younger and older people to share experiences and learn from each other.   

The final outcome was to be chosen and planned by the group, with options including a photography exhibit, animation or video, intended for a public exhibition.

who was it aimed at?

The project was aimed at both younger and older residents

how was it funded?  

PEEK had secured £1,000 to cover youth work costs

housing organisation resources provided  

Staff and space

what partners were involved?

PEEK and Thenue Housing Association


Older people proved to be much more interested in participation than young people (only one young person attended)

lessons learnt

The interest shown by older people demonstrated that the idea had significant potential, but such a project should recruit the young people in advance, or possibly work with a wider range of youth work partners to recruit young people.






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