My top tip would probably be, project wise, to start small and spend time building a relationship with tenants. You will get a better understanding of their interests and needs and they will have someone who they can go to with digital questions in the future.

Rory Brown, Govan Housing Association

Use your network, I’ve had so much help from the people I’ve met through the SCVO digital motivators group and through getting involved with local digital networks. There’s such a wealth of experience, any idea you’ve had has probably been tried somewhere so ask around for advice.

Ben Hallett, Hanover Housing Association 

Digital is not about job title or role, it’s about personal attributes, so make your Digital lead a motivator, encourager, persuader!

Debs Allan, Linstone Housing

Don’t think about it. Don’t spend endless meetings discussing it. Jump in and embrace it. Celebrate the quick wins and success and learn from the failures, but don’t dwell on them. Not everything will work first time, perseverance and support are key attributes to making it successful.

Chris Morrison, Hebridean Housing Partnership

Modified 5/6/2021 by Gary Harkins