This section is based on the work of the UK Digital Inclusion Strategy and the Digital Scotland publication ‘Digital Participation: A National Framework for Local Action'
The UK Digital Inclusion Strategy identifies four ‘main challenges that people face to going online:

  • access - the ability to actually go online and connect to the internet;
  • skills - to be able to use the internet;
  • motivation - knowing the reasons why using the internet is a good thing; [and]
  • trust - a fear of crime, or not knowing where to start to go online”.

The Scottish Digital Participation framework describes the main barriers as:

  • motivation – lack of awareness of benefit;
  • confidence – concerns about safety and security;
  • availability of training – lack of awareness, but also lack of a range of opportunities which suit individual need; and
  • affordability – and in particular the ongoing costs, not just initial costs



























Modified 3/12/2016 by Craig Green