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summary of project

Netherholm News was a 12 week project from April 2015 in which local community members participated in the development of journalism and IT skills.  The project sought to develop literacy skills through the medium of a community newspaper, with staff provided by Glasgow Clyde College.  The project recruited people through contacts with the Area Association and the Digital Inclusion Worker, and supported participants to be more confident in their literacy and the use of information technology through the creation of a newsletter.

who is it aimed at?

Local community

how is it funded?

Castlemilk and Carmmunock Wind Park Trust with equipment provided by the local Area Association (6 laptops, 2 digital cameras, projector screen and projector)

housing organisation resources provided

Time of Digital Inclusion Worker

what partners are involved?

Glasgow Clyde College Castlemilk and Carmmunock Wind Park Trust and the local Area Association


Netherholm is a small, somewhat isolated community in Castlemilk, and as such we found it difficult to attract the minimum number of participants required by Glasgow Clyde College in order to run the course.

We found attendance could be variable, as some of the participants had a range of other competing commitments. However, this was a minor issue, and we largely found that participants were engaged in the course and wanted to attend regularly.

We found that there was a very broad range of literacy needs in the class, which meant the tutor had to adapt his teaching methods in order to include every participant in class activities.

lessons learnt

A longer recruitment period would have been useful to increase the number of participants on the course.

Although learners' needs were assessed at the beginning of the course, it’s important to be aware of the broad variations in ability.


Dawn McManus, Community Engagement Officer dawn.mcmanus@thenuehousing.co.uk

Shay Anderson, Digital Inclusion Worker Shayron.Anderson@thenuehousing.co.uk

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