summary of project

Maryhill Housing Association Maryhill Housing Association has an IT suite called ‘Maryhill Online’ established in 2006.   It is located behind the HA’s offices in Garrioch Road.   It hosts 11 computers with broadband access plus kitchen facilities and a toilet.
Maryhill Online provides the following:-

IT classes

  • 3 IT classes per week (beginner and improvers) delivered by Glasgow Life
  • Participants learn the basics of how to use a computer and how to set up an e-mail through to more advanced skills such as using Skype and uploading digital photographs

job clubs

  • 2 drop in Job Clubs per week delivered by Jobs and Business Glasgow
  • Participants are supported to help them get to grips with Universal Job Match, search and apply for jobs online and set up e-mail.

who is it aimed at?

Local residents in Maryhill

how was it funded?

The IT suite was established in 2006 in one of  Maryhill HA workspace. The cost of the capital refurbishment and equipment £13,750 was funded through GHA Wider Role Fund.

In 2012, Maryhill HA refurbished its offices and relocated the It suite into a portacabin at the back of HA’s offices. This cost and ongoing revenue costs of the IT suite is funded by Maryhill HA.

housing organisation resources provided

  • Staff resources to promote and develop the classes.
  • Ongoing revenue costs of the IT suite funded by Maryhill HA

what partners are involved?

  • Glasgow Life delivering IT classes
  • Jobs and Business Glasgow providing drop in Job Club
  • North United Communities providing drop in Job Club


  • The IT classes need regular promotion to the local community. 
  • Participants can be of varying abilities so classes need to be flexible to allow for this.
  • Many participants don’t have computer access at home so they need to attend classes for a long time to become proficient.

lessons learnt

People are more likely to attend if they can bring along a friend.  Learning IT can be daunting for people especially if they are older.

Many participants who attend the classes often feel that they require more support to improve their IT skills.  Where possible participants are allowed to continue to attend classes beyond the initial sessions until they feel confident using computers.

Most people are not interested in doing certificated courses.  People want to learn how to use a computer, access the internet, learn how to use skype, online shopping etc.


Ruth Adam      Community Regeneration Manager  
Maryhill HA      
45 Garrioch Road  Glasgow   G20 8RG      
Tel: 0141 946 2466     
Dawn Burns   Customer Engagement Officer
Maryhill HA
45 Garrioch Road Glasgow G20 8RG
Tel: 0141 946 2466




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