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summary of project

The Media Co-op approached Thenue – they had funding to create a film with residents of Bridgeton to be shown on sides of buildings in London Road at time of Commonwealth Games.

5 local people learnt to storyboard, how to use digital film equipment, then how to edit and produce a film about generalisations and stereotypes about people who live in Bridgeton

who was it aimed at?

Bridgeton residents

how was it funded?

Media Co-op

housing organisation resources provided

Premises (97 Main Street)

what partners are involved?

Bridgeton Community Learning Campus

Calton Heritage and Learning Centre



lessons learnt



Dawn McManus, Community Engagement Officer dawn.mcmanus@thenuehousing.co.uk

Shay Anderson, Digital Inclusion Worker Shayron.Anderson@thenuehousing.co.uk

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