Go On is the UK’s leading digital skills charity (now joined withy Dot Everyone), which has produced a definition of basic skills which underpin work to support digital inclusion.

The skills are those required to support people to:

  • Manage information (Find, manage and store digital information and content);
  • Communicate (Communicate, interact, collaborate, share and connect with others);
  • Transact (Purchase and sell goods and services; organise your finances; register for and use digital government services);
  • Solve problems (Increase independence and confidence by solving problems using digital tools and finding solutions); and
  • Create (Engage with communities and create basic digital content).

Importantly, the skill sets are each described in terms of three characteristics:

  • Safety;
  • Actions for individuals (the skills we want customers to have to support inclusion); and
  • Actions for organisations (the skills we want to develop as service providers).

An Acrobat format copy of the Basic Skills Definition can be found at https://doteveryone.org.uk/digital-skills/digital-skills-framework/, and the ‘Actions for organisations’ can be used to underpin the development of housing organisations’ digital strategies.



Modified 6/27/2016 by Craig Green