Housing organisations are engaged in the wider role of supporting Community Learning and Development (CLD) as part of normal activities.

A partnership between YouthLink Scotland, Learning Link Scotland and the Scottish Community Development Centre, supported by Education Scotland, has produced a "national framework of guiding principles for the use of digital technology and social media in Community Learning and Development", supporting CLD organisations to be 'digitally agile', applying the principles to support effective adoption of rapidly changing digital technologies and social media.

Information about the Digitally Agile CLD project is available at: http://www.digitallyagilecld.org/  

The principles are as follows:

  • Practice:
    Our practice will be supported and enhanced through the effective use of digital technology and social media.
  • Policy:
    Digital technology and social media will be embedded in our policy development and planning.
  • Professional Guidelines:
    Our professional guidelines for the use of digital technology and social media will be robust, transparent, and relevant
  • Resource:
    We will maximise the use of digital resources to deliver better outcomes for stakeholders and explore investment opportunities that enhance provision.
  • Inclusion:
    Our use of digital technology and social media will be accessible and inclusive, driven by the needs of all learners and communities.
  • Evaluation:
    We will evaluate the impact of digital technology and social media on practice and use them as tools to enhance evaluation processes.
  • Digital Literacy:
    Our organisation will promote digital literacy with individuals, groups and communities.
  • Learning and Development:
    Our staff and volunteers will be encouraged and supported to keep their skills and knowledge current so they can embrace and promote the opportunities presented through digital technology and social media.
  • Co-production: 
    We will utilise digital technology  and social media to enhance the involvement of individuals, groups and communities in the development of our services and activities.

Guidelines for adoption of the Principles are provided in a PDF document available from the site or directly from http://media.wix.com/ugd/c5ab51_b82f411bd4224b26bdc7e9a1ed3b9997.pdf  

When developing or reviewing digital strategy, housing organisations are likely to find an exercise in which self-evaluation is conducted against the Principles.


Modified 3/14/2016 by Craig Green