If a housing organisation, as part of its wider role, wants to support digital inclusion, its strategy will include supporting staff to understand and acquire themselves the essential skills aimed for for its customers.

In many ways, housing organisations' wider role is one supporting Community Learning and Development (CLD), and information about the Digitally Agile National Principles for CLD is also provided in this section.  In addition, the section provides links to a selection of freely available learning resources which can be used to support skills development.

If the housing organisation wants to develop its own digital services to improve customer care, to reduce costs and improve efficiency, it will want to be sure that at least its frontline and telephone based staff can explain to customers how to interact with them, and to be sure that staff can themselves use them.

A reasonable view of the skill sets required is that they're similar to those required for purchasing, for example, from Amazon or Ebay: browse the Internet, search for information, engage with online forms to report faults or request services or moves, make payments etc..  However, even with this purely transactional view, many staff and customers will need some support at some stage.

This section of the tookkit is based on the Go On / Dot Everyone Basic Digiital Skills definition and provides an outline of different approaches to skills development.

Modified 6/27/2016 by Craig Green